What is neither too sweet or salty nor too spicy and it is simply delicious to use on any meat? Koena’s braai sauce!


Koena’s braai sauce is an excellent sauce which can be used on any meat. Made with only fresh quality ingredients and a lot of effort, each bottle of braai sauce is blended and bottled by hand. The recipe is one of the best – with all round flavour.


We’re not joking by telling you it can be used on any meat. We’ve tried it on lamb (obviously!), steak, pork, chicken and even fish. The result of our experiments? Excellence! You can even warm it up a bit, add a bit of curry and tomato sauce and use it on frensh fries or slap chips!


Here follows two non-conventional recipes where you can use Koena’s braai sauce.


Fish with braai sauce


If you are thinking to yourself “are you guys serious?”, then we would like you to know that we are thinking “indeed, we are”. We originally had the goal to add a bit of extra flavour, apart from the traditional use of fish spice and apricot jam. After the first braai, Koena’s braai sauce became a must have when it came to fish braai’s. Over time we have perfected the recipe but this is only a proposal.


The recipe makes enough sauce for any fish the size of an average snoek.


You will need two table spoons of butter or margarine, a tea spoon of garlic, one table spoon of apricot jam and three to five table spoons of braai sauce.


Once you have everything, mix it together in a cup or bowl and brush it onto the fish during the braai. Note that the sweetness in the sauce will cause the fish to turn a nice brown colour when it is done.




Braaibroodjies and braai sauce


Braaibroodjies is one of the things we look most forward to when doing any braai. You can baste your braaibroodjie with a dash (a talbe spoon) of Koena’s braai sauce to give it a delicious sweet and spiced flavour.